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Emilios Eatery

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117 King st w. Dundas


Price Increase

*April 22nd*

Due to printing implication, the prices increase was moved from March 25th to April 22nd! 


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A little about us.



At Emilio’s we feel that its the little things the set us apart from the competition.

Here are some examples of what we think make our food so tasty.

  •  Our  pizza dough is made in- house, daily with no preservatives
  • Own speciality pizza sauce - made daily  
  • We hand- chop all of our fresh vegetables 
  • We only use real strip bacon for our pizza and subs 
  •  Delicious, homemade croutons 
  •  Boneless, skinless chicken breast marinated in our own secret recipe 

We are proud to say that Emilio's has been serving delicious, quality food for over 25 years. 


Emilios Jingle

Hope you enjoy!